Positive local social action.

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Enfield Voluntary Action is known as EVA. We help people & groups access knowledge, skills & resources to make a difference in our Borough.

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10 key essentials before you make a grant application

  • 1. Be prepared! “Strong applications start with good planning” (BBC Children in Need)


  • 2. Gather all approriate documentation, eg constitution / mem. & arts., up-to-date accounts, organisational policies & procedures etc.  If you need support with your organisation’s financial management Contact Us


  • 3. Ensure you have undertaken all relevant checks & training eg DBS checks, risk assessments, food hygiene etc.; and that you have appropriate insurance.


  • 4. Gather evidence that your project is needed. What you ‘think’, ‘believe’ or ‘have been told’ is not evidence. You could use eg. local research, or service users’ feedback, or meeting minutes, or conduct a survey.


  • 5. Prepare a very clear outline of each activity you plan to carry out.


  • 6. Provide specific figures and targets - how many and what type of people you will help, how many times your activity will take place – and explain clearly the difference your project will make.


  • 7. Don’t waste time applying for the ‘wrong’ type of funding. Read & understand the funders guidelines, rules, strategy, eligibility criteria, priorities for funding, and guidelines for completing an application.


  • 8. Check how much monitoring you will be required to carry out. Monitoring can represent a large ‘hidden cost’, and be challenging for a small organisation.


  • 9. Remember, someone who does not know you or your group will have to decide whether your application has potential. Communicate your enthusiasm for the project, using clear and concise words (within any given word limit), and address how you can help achieve the funder’s priorities. You will be just one among many applicants, so think about how to interest the people who will read your application. Ask someone to look at your application before you submit it.


  • 10. Contact Us if you need support with your funding application.