Positive Local Social Action

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Enfield Voluntary Action is known as EVA. We help people & groups access knowledge, skills & resources to make a difference in our Borough.

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  • National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA). NAVCA is an association for infrastructure organisations which give information, advice, support and training to other voluntary and community organisations.

  • National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

  • Community Accountancy Network

  • North London Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise (Affiliate Charity Member)

Rooted in our local community for more than a quarter of a century, our services have supported hundreds of community & charitable groups, and thousands of volunteers.

We share our knowledge, skills and expertise, and we learn about the needs of local residents from everyone we work with.

We help to build connections and strengthen participation; and we support anyone who wants to take part in building a resilient and inclusive local community.

We provide opportunities for people and groups to share, to learn, and to take positive, effective social and community action.

Positive local social action

Community House, 311 Fore Street, Edmonton N9 0PZ.

EVA was established as a charity by local voluntary, community & charitable organisations in 1991.

EVA and the organisations it supports are volunteer-led by members of the community who give their time and energy to make life better for Enfield and its people. Trustees of voluntary and community organisations (including EVA’s trustees and board of directors) are not paid. Some organisations employ paid staff, some services are provided entirely by volunteers.

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Knowledge, Skills & Expertise

EVA provides a focused and trusted advice & information service which meets the needs, and builds the confidence, of people who want to make a positive difference for residents in our Borough.

Building Connections

EVA helps to build strong and sustained connections between people & groups across varied and diverse communities. We promote & participate in partnership working.

Strengthening Participation

EVA creates opportunities for consultative & participatory forums, amplifying the voice of the voluntary sector & the residents they work with. We promote & share understanding of the social & policy context in which we work.

Maximising Resources

EVA provides opportunities for groups to meet funders & providers of in-kind support; and provides focused and trusted advice, training & support to develop fundraising skills.


EVA promotes volunteering & good volunteering practice in local organisations, via Volunteer Centre Enfield, to enable volunteers & organisations to meet their objectives.

Volunteer Led

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EVA helps people & groups access knowledge, skills & resources to make a difference in our Borough.

EVA works with the statutory and private sector (eg Council, Health Services, Police, Business, Educational Institutions, etc.) to ensure the contribution of the local voluntary & community sector in meeting the needs of local residents is visible and understood in the widest context.


These partnerships provide the opportunity for EVA to advocate on behalf of the voluntary & community sector with specialist understanding, increasing awareness of the sector and its relationships with local residents from diverse backgrounds. EVA's knowledge of and contact with the local sector enables statutory agencies to locate organisations they may wish to work in partnership with.


Partnership working includes


EVA's involvement enables links between the statutory sector and voluntary sector groups working on joint issues of interest or concern.

Strategic Representation