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Enfield Voluntary Action is known as EVA. We help people & groups access knowledge, skills & resources to make a difference in our Borough.

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Judging was by a Panel made up of voluntary & community sector representatives held on 25th June 2018.

Nichola Lauder | Wellbeing Company

Litsa Worrall | Alpha Care Specialists Ltd.

Nina Lewis Hart | Platinum Performing Arts

Salih Gokcel | Rumi Mosque

Chandra Bhatia | Enfield Racial Equality Council

Facilitated by Ian Beever | Independent Facilitator

In the spirit of celebration and recognition of the local voluntary and community sector in the London Borough of Enfield, 7 ENFIELD TOGETHER AWARDS were given to teams and individuals from local voluntary, community and charitable organisations who have made a difference during the last 3 years, 2015 - 2018. The Award winners were announced at The Great Voluntary Sector Get-Together on 28th June.


We wanted to celebrate the difference that people in our local voluntary & community organisations make, and mark the contribution of young people. There were 27 nominations.


There were 2 age categories for every award | 25 & Under and 26 & over.


All the nominations, commendations, and award winners are listed in this downloadable Word document which also gives an outline of the reasons they were nominated; or see below for the Award Winners. All nominees received a certificate and the Award Winners received a trophy and gift (biscuits & chocolates). Photos are on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/EnfieldVoluntaryAction


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The Award Winners

INSPIRATION AWARD | Celebrating those who have inspired others to take action to benefit their community.

The Judging Panel

INNOVATION AWARD | Celebrating the very best in new services for Enfield residents.

Teams or individuals associated with one or more local voluntary, community and charitable organisations who, during the years 2015-18, had an idea for a new, innovative service or activity which has been turned into reality.

Teams or individuals associated with one or more local voluntary, community and charitable organisations who have, by their own example during the years 2015-18, inspired other people to take action to improve the lives of those around them.

INCLUSION AWARD | Celebrating those who create opportunities for participation

Teams or individuals associated with one or more local voluntary, community and charitable organisations who have, during the years 2015-18, created opportunities for local residents to increase their participation in social, economic, or cultural life.

Kadisha James Fergus | Age 25 & Under Innovation Award Winner

Nominated by Mark Riley, Oasis Community Hub Hadley

Kadisha has recruited young people to engage in a series of activities to improve the local community, including a gardening project and an art project called 'Exhibit', to create art pieces to be displayed at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town in November 2018.

Sarah Vaughan-Roberts and the Team, Forty Hall Vineyard  | Age 26 + Innovation Award Winner

Nominated by Judith Lear, Forty Hall Vineyard Volunteers

Forty Hall Vineyard is a multi award-winning social enterprise, London’s only commercial-scale vineyard, run by volunteers who consistently report feeling more positive, physically fitter, more self-confident and more socially connected as a result of volunteering at the vineyard. They provide a safe and welcoming space to enable people to join the team, share their stories and support each other through difficult times, and make the sessions friendly and fun.

Ngunga Ngoma, Kongolese Children's Association (KCA) | Age 26 + Innovation Highly Commended

Nominated by Mongay Bapindikwa, KCA

Ngunga delivers innovative services. ESOL classes for elderly people with a language barrier have given a new lease of life to participants who can now, for example, visit the GP alone. He also introduced a scheme which helped over 200 unemployed people with no qualifications to get employment for the first time. He also initiated a parent-school liaison service, facilitating liaisons between parents and mainstream schools, and mediating problems linked to cultural misunderstandings.

John Kingombe, One-to-One (Enfield) | Age 25 & Under Inspiration Award Winner

Nominated by Sarah Davis, One-to-One (Enfield)

John successfully completed One-to-One (Enfield) accredited volunteer course and has become a regular and inspiring volunteer with the organisation.  John empowered members at the healthy living course that One-to-One (Enfield) ran and set a wonderful example of living a healthy life. He also supports members with sporting activities encouraging team working and helping to build skills around communication and sport. He was nominated to become a health champion and successfully completed this course, to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ramla Farah, A Class Tutors  | Age 25 & Under Inspiration Highly Commended

Nominated by Ali Mohamed, A Class Tutors

Ramla Farah is the chairperson for A Class Tutors who deliver supplementary education to disadvantaged children. She started the school at just 20 years old and has supported many children of varying age/religion/race. Almost all the children have shown significant signs of social or academic improvement. She shows sheer determination and relentless effort in trying to make a difference to disadvantaged children in Enfield.

Elizabeth Griffiths, One-to- One (Enfield)  | Age 26 + Inspiration Award Winner

Nominated by Sarah Davis, One-to-One (Enfield)

Elizabeth inspires others by showing that you can overcome anything. Elizabeth has learning disabilities and has 2 children, one with physical and learning disabilities. She volunteers with One-to-One (Enfield) most days and is also a paid sessional worker for One-to-One (Enfield). She has been elected by her peers to be a representative on Enfield’s Learning Disability and Autism Council, and also contributes to the Learning Disability Partnership Board. Elizabeth talks about her experiences to teach others about learning disabilities and about being a mum with a learning disability.

Joe Lettieri, Parent Abuse and Reconciliation Service (PAARS) | Age 26 + Inspiration Commended

Nominated by PAARS

Joe is a fantastic role model to families and other professionals. He has recruited 6 ex-Services personnel as volunteers in the last year. He trained & mentored them, and they are now supporting families in need.  Joe works tirelessly to improve the welfare of everyone around him. He inspires all PAARS volunteers and supports them. He has also trained young people to become good mentors to their friends and family members. He is an asset to the community.

Ayse Elmas, Mevlana Rumi Mosque  | Age 25 & Under Inclusion Award Winner

Nominated by Adam Kantar, Mevlana Rumi Mosque

Ayse is great at engaging members of the community and is dedicated to her work. She enjoys engaging with people from different walks of life. The breakfast group is 90 percent non Muslim from all different backgrounds and Ayse makes it happen. 70% are female from young to 70 yrs and have speakers to discuss different themes including dementia, counselling, homelessness. They hold get-to-know each other sessions.

We Love Bush Hill Park - Gardening Group  | Partnership project between One-to-One (Enfield) and Friends of Bush Hill Park, Carole Stanley & Caroline Wilmer, Co-Chairs of Friends of Bush Hill Park & their volunteers. 14 members of One-to-One who are people with learning difficulties supported by volunteers and a member of One-to-One staff  | Age 26 + Inclusion Award Winner

Nominated by Lesley Walls, One-to-One (Enfield)

Weekly meetings to grow fruit & veg. to share with the local community, maintain the wheelchair accessible wildlife garden, pick up litter, clear weeds, prune shrubs. People with learning difficulties are one of the most vulnerable groups in our society, excluded from many areas of community life. This project has provided opportunities for people to be seen as equal citizens helping other people and gaining work related skills passed on to them by the volunteers of the ‘Friends’. The local volunteers have gained skills in supporting people with learning difficulties.


The Judging Panel chose to create this additional award and awarded it to

Monty Meth, Enfield Borough Over-50's Forum.