Enfield Voluntary Action is known as EVA

EVA provides services to local voluntary and community organisations in Enfield

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EVA Events

EVA holds regular events to provide opportunities to find out what is happening in Enfield, and to enable Enfield's voluntary and community sector staff, volunteers and trustees to meet and discuss ideas.

For example,

  • As changes to the NHS have been implemented, EVA has organised presentations and facilitated discussion on the development of Healthwatch, the role of the Clinical Commissioning Group, and the implementation of the Better Care Fund.

  • Enfield Council consulted on plans for the future housing needs of older people and EVA held a special consultation meeting to bring perspectives from the voluntary sector.

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Health Conference October 2014

Housing for Older People - LBE Consultation July 2015

EVA Conference October 2015 - Enfield 2017 (LBE) & Voluntary Sector Participation in the CCG.

Session 1 | Enfield 2017 | Presentation and Q&A

Session 2 | Voluntary Sector Participation in the CCG | Presentation and Q&A

Conference Report

HHASC Co-Design Prevention Workshops | January 2016

EVA, in partnership with LBE Health, Housing and Adult Social Care (HHASC), organised two workshops in January 2016 to engage a range of stakeholders in the co-design of prevention services for the Borough. Each workshop was attended by representatives of the voluntary & community sector, social service commissioners and frontline practitioners, and representatives from Enfield CCG.

Prevention Workshops report


A follow-up workshop was held on 27th April 2016 to enable HHASC to communicate its decisions and take contributions from participants. The recommissioning proposals will have a direct effect on currently funded HHASC projects.  

Recommissioning | Next Steps Workshop report