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Enfield Voluntary Action is known as EVA. We help people & groups access knowledge, skills & resources to make a difference in our Borough.

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Distribution dates

Potential contributors are asked to provide information as soon as it is available with details on the information’s relevance to the local voluntary and community sector, and with weblinks to further information online.


Information must meet the criteria for distribution outlined below, and will be considered for inclusion according to the priorities stated below. If information complies with the criteria and priorities set out below, but EVANEWS is not due for distribution, information may be shared via social media instead.


EVA cannot guarantee that any information from external agencies / organisations will be included in EVANEWS even if it meets the criteria and/or the priorities outlined. EVA will take into account how much other information needs to be distributed at any one time and edit / exclude information accordingly.


EVA reserves the right to edit information for inclusion in EVANEWS, without referring back to the originator of the information.

EVA cannot accept any responsibility for information, events, deadline dates etc. which are not, for any reason, included in EVANEWS.

Information can only be included if

  • it will be of interest and use to Enfield’s local voluntary, community and charitable sector.

  • it will be within the means of a small local voluntary or community organisation to access any service advertised.

EVANEWS is a FREE monthly email newsletter service provided by Enfield Voluntary Action (known as EVA).



  • to be brief, easy to read, and relevant to the local voluntary and community sector;

  • to promote a well-informed, strong, independent local voluntary and community sector which participates in decision-making;

  • to encourage participation in order to support local democracy, help tackle disadvantage and discrimination, and promote social justice;

  • to raise awareness and understanding of the rights and needs of different groups of people;

  • to provide access to background knowledge which highlights the wider context in which the voluntary and community sector operates;

  • to mitigate the effects of ‘information overload’.

EVANEWS Policy & Guidelines

Requests to include information from external sources

EVANEWS is not distributed on a specific date but will be distributed at least every month (except in August), with additional bulletins, as required.

Criteria for information to be included in EVANEWS

Priorities for information to be included in EVANEWS (in order of importance)

1.  EVA training, activities and events.

2.  Free and low-cost capacity-building training, activities and events provided by local voluntary, community and charitable organisations; and by local public sector organisations, where relevant.

3.  Funding opportunities (especially small grants) with accessible guidelines and application forms, and achievable deadlines.

4.  On-line capacity-building resources (eg for governance, financial management, volunteer management, IT) available for use by the local voluntary and community sector.

5.  Local public sector (NHS, Enfield Council) consultations and decisions with direct implications for the local voluntary and community sector and its beneficiaries.

6.  Information relating to key specialist areas dealt with by voluntary sector organisations (eg. Health and Social Care, Children & Young People, Older People, Environment, Women, BMER and LGBT etc.)

7.  Legislative change and other news with direct implications for local voluntary and community action.