Enfield Voluntary Action is known as EVA

EVA provides services to local voluntary and community organisations in Enfield

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EVON is a FREE quarterly informal meeting for any staff or volunteers who are responsible for volunteers, or for their organisation's volunteer programme.


EVON meets at Community House from 1-4pm, 4 times a year.

Meetings include presentations on topical volunteering subjects, and also provide an invaluable opportunity to learn, share, and discuss ideas.

EVON aims to support good volunteering practice in Enfield's Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIOs).

EVON | Enfield Volunteer Organisers' Network

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The theme of the next meeting will be Accessing the Support of the Local Business Sector.


Future meetings will be held on Tuesday 13th March 2018, and Wednesday 20th June 2018.


If you want to know more about the content / theme of the meetings before you book, please contact VCE using this message form.


Attendance is FREE, but you must book to attend using the booking form below.

The next EVON meeting is on Tuesday 12th December

(Please note - this meeting replaces the meeting previously advertised for 5th December)