Enfield Voluntary Action is known as EVA

EVA provides services to local voluntary and community organisations in Enfield

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Presentation (download .pdf) by | Juliette Kelvin, Funding and Relationship Manager (North London)

Email| Juliette.kelvin@biglotteryfund.org.uk

Advice Line | 0345 4 10 20 30



Strategic Framework|People in the lead

BLF "want to fund people with great ideas to take the lead and make a difference in their communities".

BLF funding is intended to enable people to

Current programmes

  • Awards for All | Up to £10,000

  • Reaching Communities | From £10,000 - £500,000

A strong application will

  • align with BLF vision of ‘People in the Lead,

  • focus on people's strengths,

  • understand local context,

  • involve beneficiaries in the design and development of services,

  • articulate evidence of need,

  • demonstrate impact, with measurable outcomes.

Funder Presentations | Meet The Funders | 7th March 2017

Our last Meet The Funder Event was held on 7th March 2017, in partnership with Enfield Council.

Big Lottery Fund, City Bridge Trust and BBC Children In Need were in attendance and provided information about their funding streams, as well as tips on making applications.


EVA's Understanding Funders Workshops and Financial Management training can support you in developing the skills you will need to make successful applications.

Once you have a completed draft for your application contact Jo Ikhelef, EVA Development and Funding Advice Manager, or Sakeel Toraub, EVA Community Accountant, who can read through and advise on amendments you may need to make.


A brief outline of key points from the presentations are summarised below, as well as links to the full power point presentations (converted to .pdf).

Big Lottery Fund (BLF)

City Bridge Trust (CBT)

Presentation (download .pdf) by | Jack Joslin, City Bridge Trust

To read the notes in the .pdf right click on the speech bubble logo for options

Contact City Bridge Trust | www.citybridgetrust.org.uk/contact-us/



CBT funds registered charities; charitable companies; CICs; CIOs, IPSs which benefit Londoners.

You must be able to provide one full year's organisational accounts.

CBT can’t be your organisation’s largest source of income.

Current programmes (March 2017) (Please note : CBT is undertaking a strategic review - the funding strategy is likely to change from March 2018)

  • Making London more inclusive

  • Reducing poverty

  • ESOL

  • Improving Londoners’ mental health

  • Older Londoners

  • Resettlement and rehabilitation of offenders

  • Improving London’s environment

  • Making London safer

  • Strengthening London’s voluntary sector

  • Eco-audits

  • London Youth Quality Mark Awards

Online application will be followed by assessment visits, 6 grant-making meetings a year (open to public), allow at least 4 months from application to decision.

If you apply

Demonstrate how your work meets the criteria.

Provide financial information in the way it is asked for.

Be clear & avoid jargon.

Get someone else to read your application.

Ensure all statutory returns are up-to-date.

Seek help and advice – don’t be afraid to ask!

BBC Children in Need (BBCCiN)

Presentation (download .pdf) by | Michael Ashe, Regional Officer – London & South East

To read the notes in the .pdf right click on the speech bubble logo for options

Email | london&se@bbc.co.uk

General Helpline | 0345 609 0015

London & South East Office | 020 8752 4200



Michael Ashe stressed that Enfield groups would be a high priority for BBCCiN. LBE have the second highest no. of children in poverty in London & SE. It is essential that the application meets BBCCiN criteria, so study the guidelines on the BBCCiN website thoroughly.


Theory of Change

It is important to demonstrate in detail how the change you want to bring about will happen.

The steps you need to consider and factors to take into account are clearly set out in this presentation.

BBC CiN funds activities, equipment, capital, salaries etc. for between 12 and 36 months. Organisations must have a constitution and management committee, bank account with 2 unrelated signatories & annual accounts.

A Child Protection Policy is crucial.

Beneficiaries must be 18 or under, living in the UK & meet one of BBCCiN's definitions of disadvantage -

illness, distress, neglect, abuse; any kind of disability; behaviour or psychological difficulties; living in poverty or situations of deprivation.

Main Grants - over £10,000 for up to 3 years – rarely fund over £120k (av. grant size £65K over 3 years)

Small Grants - £10,00 per year for 3 years.

Common reasons for failure to secure a grant

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