Positive local social action.

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Enfield Voluntary Action is known as EVA. We help people & groups access knowledge, skills & resources to make a difference in our Borough.

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EVA works in partnership with

  • other voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations,

  • the local Council,

  • Health and Social Care networks,

  • other local, regional and national public organisations, and

  • our funders.


These partnerships help us to


  • enable VCS organisations to gain knowledge and to learn from one another;

  • provide information which helps local VCS organisations understand the policy context in which they work  

  • facilitate partnership working with and by local voluntary and community organisations;

  • develop opportunities to apply for funding which can provide new services to local residents;

  • provide effective participation and influence over local decision making;

  • provide relevant training and events to support the development of good practice and sustainability in the local voluntary sector;

  • promote volunteering in the London Borough of Enfield.

EVA works with the statutory and private sector (eg Council, Health Services, Police, Business, Educational Institutions, etc.) to ensure the contribution of the local VCS in meeting the needs of local residents is visible and understood in the widest context.


These partnerships provide the opportunity for EVA to advocate on behalf of the VCS with specialist understanding, increasing awareness of the VCS and its relationships with local residents from diverse backgrounds. EVA's knowledge of and contact with the local VCS enables statutory agencies to locate organisations they may wish to work in partnership with.


Partnership working includes

  • Representation on the Enfield Strategic Partnership

  • Representation on Enfield Community Engagement Working Group (ECEWG) and the Community Cohesion Strategy Working Group (CCSWG) provides opportunities for EVA to assist in the delivery of specific outputs by contributing to action planning, and promoting the activities and relevance of the vcs in achieving the working groups' aspirations.


EVA's involvement enables links between the statutory sector and vcs groups working on joint issues of interest or concern. See EVA events

Strategic Partnerships