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Enfield Voluntary Action is known as EVA. We help people & groups access knowledge, skills & resources to make a difference in our Borough.

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20 local supplementary schools, representing a broad spectrum of Enfield’s diverse community, were supported to achieve one or more of the following in partnership with Enfield Voluntary Action,  25 local mainstream schools and Enfield Council -


• new or improved rental arrangements and resources, including use of school IT and sports facilities, and free or very

         low cost premises use;

• better relationships with mainstream school staff, including school caretakers;

• training and development support including classroom behaviour strategies, curriculum content and delivery;

• increased levels of information exchange, including referrals and discussion on pupil progress;

• joint events, such as dance festivals and concerts;

• increased visibility within mainstream schools for youth groups and supplementary schools which support and advise

         vulnerable young people and their parents;

• increased sustainability enabling efforts to be directed at securing project funds to support vulnerable families and

         build on existing good practice; and

• OCN Level 2 Accreditation for Effective Management in Supplementary Schools (13 participants).


The project found that developing partnerships where great differences in working culture between voluntary and education sectors exist takes time, and expectations have to be carefully managed.

A Directory of Supplementary Schools was created, mapping where supplementary schools are and the services offered.  

The project invested time in communication - online, social media, newsletters and leaflets - to create and maintain awareness of shared aims and promote dialogue.

Regular informal meetings for supplementary schools focused on peer support with practical sessions and opportunities for one-to-one support.

Supplementary schools took part in the quality framework process to provide reassurance to partners that they are well run organisations; and to highlight the value of self-evaluation and good practice.

Time was spent identifying the right people to approach in mainstream schools after which rewarding progress could be made.

The project developed good relationships with the Enfield Council’s School Lettings Service and School Improvement Service. The Pathways and Progression Team recognised the value of supplementary schools in helping to reduce NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) numbers, and the Raising the Participation Age Agenda.

The project prompted the council to create a new post, ‘Supplementary Schools Co-ordinator’ in the second year of the project.


As well as the positive outcomes for the supplementary schools supported directly, supplementary schools in the borough have a raised profile and the project has highlighted the hard work that is taking place to benefit so many young people. Other supplementary schools are now more confident and in a stronger position to negotiate partnerships themselves.

A successful 2 year project from Enfield Voluntary Action (EVA) to promote and increase partnership working between supplementary and mainstream schools. Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Schools in Partnership

'Schools in Partnership' began with a Schools in Partnership conference held on 5th November 2009. Funding was granted by Paul Hamlyn Foundation in 2011 for a 2 year project.