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Enfield Voluntary Action is known as EVA. We help people & groups access knowledge, skills & resources to make a difference in our Borough.

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The application process has been made as simple as possible. Be brief and to the point!

Make sure you have all your answers prepared, and save a copy of what you have written. You will not be able to save, close and return to this application. You will have to start from the beginning again.

Download this Word document to help you prepare your application

EVA carries out a brief assessment of the applications before forwarding them to Johnson Matthey.

If you only have hard copies of the documents required (ie you cannot upload them from your computer via this form)

Please forward hard copies by post, or by leaving them with reception at Community House, as a matter of urgency, if you want to be considered for a donation this month.

Address documents to Jenny Budden, Enfield Voluntary Action, Community House, 311 Fore St. London N9 0PZ .

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, Johnson Matthey plc has asked EVA to help with a small donations programme.  Johnson Matthey is a speciality chemicals company, with a chemical plant in Enfield.


Every month one local organisation will receive £500 to assist with their work in the Borough. This may, for example, help to pay volunteer expenses, hire a venue, purchase essential equipment, fund a leaflet, provide a social lunch for older people etc.


Small charitable, voluntary and community organisations are invited to put forward their ideas on a simple application form.  The forms will be entered into a monthly draw at Johnson Matthey, from which 3 ideas will be presented to employees and voted for.

You can make an application at any time to be considered for future donations.


Each month the idea with the most employee votes will receive the £500.

Johnson Matthey plc. offers £500 donations for small groups in the London Borough of Enfield | Apply using the application form below.

Who is eligible?

Please read these guidelines and only apply if you are eligible.


You must be a charitable, voluntary or community organisation with 

all of the following


1.   A constitution or statement of aims.

2.   At least 3 unrelated trustees.

3.   Operating for at least 6 months.

4.   A bank account.


The donations cannot be used for


  • Grants for individuals

  • Equipment for personal use

  • Charity appeals, such as heart disease, animal charities, etc.

  • Political or religious activities

Please apply for the donation using the form below.

EVA will let you know, by email, when your application has been forwarded to Johnson Matthey. Please allow at least 5 working days.

Remember, the people making the decision know nothing about your organisation or your project. Describe your project with enthusiasm. Explain why it will mean a lot to the people you want to support, and how you will show your outcomes.  Write clearly, but briefly, about your plans and your budget. (50 words)

Presentation (.pdf)

This presentation provides further guidance on making an application for a Johnson Matthey donation.

If you need any other help to complete your application, please contact us to make an appointment.

How to apply