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The Directory of Supplementary Schools in Enfield is only available online.

Please click on the picture (below) to download the Directory.

Enfield Supplementary Schools Directory

The Directory does not cover every Supplementary School in Enfield, and although every effort has been made to verify the details given in the directory Enfield Voluntary Action cannot take responsibility for incorrect entries.

If you would like your Supplementary School's details to be added to the next edition of the directory, or you would like a correction made to your details for the next edition please use the form on our Contact Us page to request an entry or to make an amendment.

Enfield Voluntary Action does not maintain or formally inspect the supplementary schools set out in this Directory. Inclusion of a school in this Directory is not a recommendation, guarantee or endorsement of any school. Parents and carers must satisfy themselves that a particular school is appropriate for a particular child.

All the information provided in this directory is provided by the Supplementary Schools involved. The images in this Directory have been chosen purely for illustrative purposes.

Add your Supplementary School to the Directory or change / update your entry.


Supplementary Schools Directory Cover 2017. Click to download the full directory.

Supplementary schools supplement mainstream education by providing additional educational opportunities for children and young people.

Supplementary schools are usually managed and run by local groups or community organisations, including newly arrived communities. They take place in a variety of venues including mosques, churches, temples, gurdwaras, community centres and schools.

Most supplementary schools operate in the evenings and at weekends.

Many groups which operate for children and young people may be providing 'supplementary' educational activities, but will not think of themselves as 'Supplementary Schools'. This could include Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts groups, for example.

In addition, there are a number of black and minority ethnic organisations providing other supplementary educational support to young people such as advice, advocacy etc.

Activities of supplementary schools might include

  • helping children with their national curriculum subjects, (particularly Mathematics, English and Science)

  • learning about the history and culture of the community

  • teaching children their mother tongue language and other languages of a cultural or religious significance

  • teaching children about a particular religion  

  • curriculum enrichment activities such as trips, outings, arts activities, rites of passage work, group work, role modelling etc.

If you want to know more about what supplementary schools do, please scroll down the page to

'What are Supplementary Schools'

What are Supplementary Schools?