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There are estimated to be over 2,200 supplementary (sometimes called complementary) and mother tongue schools in England. These schools supplement mainstream education by providing educational opportunities for children and young people mainly from black and minority ethnic communities or particular faith groups.


Supplementary schools are usually managed and run by local groups or community organisations, including newly arrived communities. They take place in a variety of venues including mosques, churches, temples, gurdwaras, community centres and schools.


Most supplementary schools operate in the evenings and at weekends. In addition, there are a number of Black and minority ethnic organisations providing other supplementary educational support to young people such as advice, advocacy etc.


Activities of supplementary schools might include:


  • helping children with their national curriculum subjects, (particularly Mathematics, English and Science)

  • learning about the history and culture of the community

  • teaching children their mother tongue language and other languages of a cultural or religious significance

  • teaching children about a particular religion  

  • curriculum enrichment activities such as trips, outings, arts activities, rites of passage work, group work, role modelling etc.

We want to work in partnership to become more effective, improve our services, support each other, share good practice, assess information and innovation and gain recognition of our work.  

By doing so we hope to attract funding and this will help to

* Meet our targets * Improve educational standards * Develop community cohesion * Generate funding *

* Increase effectiveness * Achieve quality standards * Raise awareness * Help local people *

Mission Statement and Aims agreed at the 1st Forum

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Community Cohesion and Partnership Working

Schools in Partnership

A 2 year project 2011-13 to promote and increase partnership working between supplementary and mainstream schools.

Funded by the

Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

What are Supplementary Schools?

National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE)

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